There is a list of starting prices for James's services below. Please be aware, the price is subject to change based on the thickness and length of your hair. A child cut is for kids up to 11 years old. Thank you for your understanding. 


James has been cutting and styling hair for thirty years. He is the owner and architectural designer and builder of Salon S. James is always looking to update and add to the modern look he created for Salon S. James came from a family of stylists and their influence made him passionate about the profession. James is a natural born artist. Any activity that involves the creative process is ideal for James. Designing homes, furniture, and hair are all his personal specialties.


Womens Haircut:

Mens Haircut:

Boy Cut:

Girls Cut:


Blow Dry:



Deep Conditioner:












*Haircuts include shampoo, conditioner and a blow-dry*

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