There is a list of starting prices for Michelle's services below. Please be aware, the price is subject to change based on the thickness and length of your hair. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Michelle has been a stylist for over 10 years and a part of Salon S for more than 20 years. Her personal specialty is hair color, particularly highlighting. Michelle's inspiration for creating new styles comes from observing people. Whether it is actors, performers, or everyday people Michelle uses her insights to expand her creative process. She likes to spend her free time enjoying the company of friends and family. Michelle believes, "There is nothing more fulfilling as a stylist, then to have a client leave the salon loving their hair.

Single Process: 

Single Process With Glaze: 

INOA Single Process:

Double Process:

1/2 Foil: 

3/4 Foil:

Full Foil:



Face Frame: 



Keratin Express B/O:

Mens Single Process:

Hairline Single Process:

















Michelle Barb.