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Outstanding team-work is what sets us apart.

The entire staff at Salon S shares the same goal: to provide excellent service and quality work. We strive to keep our clients looking great and feeling amazing. In order to remain on the cutting-edge, our stylists continuously take advanced seminars in hair cutting and coloring, as well as provide hair styling for fashion shows and modeling shoots.

Michelle Barbagallo

Michelle has been a stylist for over 10 years and a part of Salon S for more than 20 years. Her personal specialty is hair color, particularly highlighting. Michelle's inspiration for creating new styles comes from observing people. Whether it is actors, performers, or everyday people Michelle uses her insights to expand her creative process. She likes to spend her free time enjoying the company of friends and family. Michelle believes, "There is nothing more fulfilling as a stylist, then to have a client leave the salon loving their hair."

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James Benasillo

James has been cutting and styling hair for thirty years. He is the owner and architectural designer and builder of Salon S. James is always looking to update and add to the modern look he created for Salon S. James came from a family of stylists and their influence made him passionate about the profession. James is a natural born artist. Any activity that involves the creative process is ideal for James. Designing homes, furniture, and hair are all his personal specialties.

James broke into the business as a stylist for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in NYC. Over the course of James’ career, he has not only been involved with countless fashion shows at home and abroad, but has organized many fundraisers as well. Most recently, James worked at Lincoln Center for the Fashion Week 2011 Spring Show. Over the years, James’ work has appeared in many different publications. James looks toward travel, hair shows, television, and magazines to create new styles. James is always looking to add to his list of talents.

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Michelle Benasillo

Michelle is the co-owner of Salon S and has over thirty years of experience in the industry. She was introduced at a young age to the business while working at her uncle’s salon. It was there that Michelle recognized her passion for hair. She also learned how fulfilling a stylist/client relationship can be. Michelle feels there is no greater reward than to have the ability to help someone feel and look their best. After cutting and styling for many years, Michelle’s focus shifted toward hair color. This became her true passion as she enjoys the satisfaction that transforming someone’s look through hair color brings. While working with color for the past fifteen years, Michelle has been credited with expertise in corrective color.

Michelle attended the Natural Motion School of Hair Design. She has taken many educational classes throughout her career. Most recently, Michelle attended classes with Beth Minardi, Jo Blackwell, and other well known designers of the Beauty Industry. She is always looking to add to her talents. Michelle gets inspired and motivated to create new looks from classes, celebrities, and magazines. When Michelle is not working, she enjoys yoga and loves spending time at the beach with her family.

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Kristen Deegan

Kristen Deegan is the newest member of the Salon S hair styling team and is a recent graduate from the Capri Institute of Cosmetology. Not only does Kristin enjoy working with hair but she also has years of experience with make-up. Her work has been present at events such as Brooklyn Fashion Week as well as various photo-shoots and special events. Kristen is a native Northern Jersey girl and finds inspiration in nature and the outdoors.

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Lisa Marie Guarasci

Lisa has been a dedicated member of the Salon S team for twelve years. Lisa has many talents that her clients can benefit from. Her personal specialties include haircutting, hair color, and make up. Making her clients feel their best is always been Lisa’s main goal. Lisa loves to make people feel beautiful. When her clients leave her chair feeling that much better about themselves, there is no greater reward for Lisa. Trying new hair color techniques is a passion of hers. Lisa’s inspiration for creating new styles comes from her travels as well as the many educational seminars she attends. Collaboration is something Lisa looks towards to expand her knowledge.

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Kristi Guyt

Since childhood, the art of hairdressing greatly interested Kristi. Completely focused, she has trained in New York City and New Jersey with Redken and INOA in hair color and haircutting.

Her certification with X-Tensions makes her a perfect choice for going from short to long hair for everyday or just for those special occasions.

With years of experience, Kristi has worked in both Orange and Bergen County. Her objectives have never faltered – performing creative looks that are precise and making her clients feel great about themselves.

Having an excellent artistic ability and a charismatic personality makes her an asset to the team at Salon S.

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Christine Inglese

With twenty-five years in the business, Christine is drawn to anything that brings out her creativity and design skills. Christine loves anything involving design including homes, parties, cooking, and of course hair. Her passion for hair comes from her belief that, “When you love how your hair looks, it helps you feel your personal best inside.” Creating hairstyles is Christine’s specialty. She likes to complement and enhance her clients features. Christine hair color and is proficient in corrective hair color. She believes, “Color really brings the haircut to life.” Traveling is what inspires Christine the most in creating new styles.

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Christy Rizos

Christy has been a stylist for the past ten years and has been a part of Salon S for over five years. She is driven to assure that her clients have the best experience possible. “What’s better than having the ability to make someone smile from the heart because of the way their hair looks?” Christy gets great satisfaction from her work, particularly when she gets to prepare clients for special events, such as weddings, proms, and bar/bat mitzvahs. Christy enjoys collaborating with fellow stylists and sharing new ideas to expand her creative process.

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Richard Salvatore

Richard Salvatore has been a hair stylist for over 30 years and has a strong background in hair color. Richard pursued his hair-cutting education alongside two icons of the hair industry, Michael O'Rourke, owner of Sexy Hair, and Andrew Dale, owner and developer of the Unite Hair Company. Richard created the Contemporary Color Placement, a method of strategically placing color to emphasize the strength of a hair cut. Richard was the Hair Color Director of the View Team, an independent hair designer for Nexxces. He is certified in Inoa Hair Color, a 100% ammonia free hair color, and Keratin Complex by Coppola.

Richard invites everyone to Salon S so that they may experience the styling that so many of his loyal clients boast about today!

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Hae-Jeong Son

Hae-Jeong has been a stylist for the past sixteen years. Her career began in Korea before bringing her expertise to the United States. Hae-Jeong has been a valued member of the Salon S staff for the past four years. Among her many skills, Hae-Jeong specializes in hair color, hair cutting, and up do’s. She is interested in all aspects of design, always looking to expand her horizons. Her unique abilities give Hae-Jeong all the inspiration she needs to create new styles. Hae-Jeong is very passionate about hair and is grateful that she is able to support herself by doing something that she truly loves. When her clients love the way they look, there is no greater reward for Hae-Jeong. Her work has been featured in publications like ESPN The Magazine. In her free time Hae-Jeong likes to work on her golf game, whether it’s practicing or playing. She also enjoys going to soccer games, fishing, hiking, and yoga.

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Jocelyn Price

Jocelyn Price has worked and trained extensively throughout the United States and has been certified with major manufacturers. Her passion for hair-color led her to become an educator for Wella. Jocelyn specializes in the fusion and sew-in methods of applying hair extensions. In her down time, she enjoys scrap-booking of friends, family and travel as well as participating in karaoke.

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Victoria Palumbo

With many years of experience, Victoria is a fast rising technician in Salon S. She is dedicated to her art and thrives on perfection. Specializing in all aspects of hairdressing, Victoria is certified by many manufacturers in hair color and haircutting techniques. One of Victoria’s greatest enjoyments is when her client is completed and leaves the salon glowing!

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In Memory Of

Lenny Bandana

Lenny Bandana passed away peacefully in May 2014. A long hair specialist who was with Salon S from its inception, his art was featured in movies, television and magazines.  He is dearly missed by his friends, co-workers and clients that he always made happy.